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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Yvonne Nevejean (1900-1987)

Yvonne Nevejean (1900-1987) headed the Oeuvre Nationale de l'Enfance (ONE), a Belgian government subsidized agency supervising children's homes. She rescued more than 4,000 Jewish children by providing them with new identities, ration cards and permanent places of refuge. She received help from many lay and religious persons and, with few exceptions, managed to outwit the suspicious Germans. At one point, she arranged the release of a group of children from the Mechelen camp. Children under her protection were nicknamed "Yvonne's children".

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Blogger IvorB said...

I am writing from Tervuren at the British School of Brussels wheree we have named one of our buildings after Yvonne Nevejean. Do you have any morae information about her?

1/04/2011 03:54:00 PM  

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