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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Australia shows the Muslims desiring to live under Shariah the door.

On September 20 Australia adopted the decree, which says that the Muslims desiring to live in Australia under Shariah should leave the country, as the Government feels a threat of terror acts from them, Regnum reports. The decree is addressed to Arab-Muslim immigrants. Australian Prime-Minister John Howard's statement that those who wants to live under Shariah will be brought to suit was made next day followed by taking the oath of a group of Muslims to Australian and the Queen at the special meeting with authorities.
"If Australian values are not yours, and if you want to live in the country ruled by Shariah, or in theocratic state, then Australia is not for you," stated Peter Costello, the Minister of Finance, considering Howard's heir, on TV. "I'd say clericals teaching us that Australia has two legal systems - Australian and Islamic that is wrong. If you cannot agree with the Parliamentary law, independent judges, democracy and prefer Shariah law and you can leave the country, probably, this is the best version," he stated. Costello told that people of dual citizenship are expected to ask for to leave for the country of their second nationality.
Muslims were indignant with Howard's statement in which he supports shadowing of mosques in Australian by security services. "Immigrants but not Australians should adjust. Accept it, or leave the country. I am fed up that our country should be permanently concerned with that if we offend others or their culture," stated another Australian Minister Brendan Nelson.


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