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Monday, October 31, 2005

Babel- electronic - translation

He is back. He is. Definitively, certainly know. This morning during my daily steps with little son to school, religious beth midrash are, he was there. Nicely lifts in the morning. Not yet too is cold. Coloured bougainvillea and morning morning-glories, viollet oranje and blue. Then the BethYisraelstraat lain on, left the city, lower. Straight forward, the hillocks, the mountains. We on 3oo meters, they five a six hundred meters above the sea mirror. Zoontje of six are surprised just as, yes it is its face, familiair face, I have you lief vadertje. Looks at on asks. The bybeltraktaat of these yielded, the tale of Mozes which twelve spionnen sent to the holy country, from the desert. To the country Kenaa'an. They are there with ze'n twelve. The twelve tribes Israels on mission. For each tribe. Why father, asks my sweet son, why is Jozef in the text only named after at its oldest zoon and are hushed up at enumerating its youngest zoon? A biblical question, of son of six. He thinks after, he must, however, with this way a learning master waiting for him. He must be allert. Those knapen survive and rigid with all, stiffe masters. Religion. The clerus. Suddenly a visioen. My fathers book, are bijbelkomentaren. I loved my father. I hou of him. Seven years since the separation, have been dead. And nevertheless I feel him still, restlessly. We went away still together with the Leuven Flemish processions. Antwerp town park. Later its diploma distribution in Leuven. Myself a little boss of six for a weekend with father on studentenkot. At Fons and Lionel. The environment of the saint sabath mixed with those of the from division. Leuven 1966.
I am present busy with father is bijbelkomentaren. I will pour in boekvorm. Hard labeur. To be spitsvondigheden. Terrible orginal. Sometimes dared, in the degree of tradition permitted and the old. I work for its texten, take ups, talmoedteksten, comparisons, interpretations. Entirely educational with higher, the Kaballa. Suddenly that visioen. Question of my little son of six, is naamdrager, exhaustively father, its father, was explained and was commented. Two chapters from that bulky book. Here we are then the tale start again. No progressively line only new a cycle. Small little boss is busy with which was wise old boss. We step further, I see their identical can, their and body construction, their same motoriek, same smile, same cadans. We step further. What was and what will be. Together. Just for a moment I feel it warm affectionately light. Relaxing and eternal. Little son I am fond of you. It goes you good. The learning staff should be mercifull to you. Bel-honoured and gentle. It goes you well, my curly-head.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Un hiver à Majorque

...Et pourtant ce paysan majorquin a de la douceur, de la bonté, des moeurs paisibles, une nature calme et patiente. Il n'aime point le mal, il ne connaît pas le bien. Il se confesse, il prie, il songe sans cesse à mériter le paradis; mais il ignore les vrais devoirs de l'humanité. Il n'est pas plus haïssable qu'un boeuf ou un mouton, car il n'est guère plus homme que les êtres endormis dans l'innocence de la brute. Il récite des prières, il est superstitieux comme un sauvage; mais il mangerait son semblable sans plus de remords, si c'était l'usage de son pays, et s'il n'avait pas du cochon à discrétion. Il trompe, rançonne, ment, insulte et pille, sans le moindre embarras de conscience. Un étranger n'est pas un homme pour lui...

Nous avions surnommé Majorque _l'île des Singes,_ parce que, nous voyant environnés de ces bêtes sournoises, pillardes et pourtant innocentes, nous nous étions habitués à nous préserver d'elles sans plus de rancune et de dépit que n'en causent aux Indiens les jockos et les orangs espiègles et fuyards.

George Sand

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

From Majorcan to European.

George Sand (1804-1876)
Amandine Aurore Lucie

The Majorcan peasant is a gentle, kind creature, with peaceful habits and a tranquil, patient nature. He has no love for evil, and no knowledge of good. He goes to confession, prays, and thinks incessantly of how to earn an entry to Paradise, yet is ignorant of the true obligations of human kind. You can no more hate him than you could an ox or a sheep, for he is close to the savage, whose soul is lulled in animal innocence. He recites his prayers like the superstitious savage; but he would eat his fellow-man without a qualm, were that the custom of his country, and were he unable to satisfy himself fully with pork. He cheats, extorts, lies, abuses and plunders without the least scruple, where foreigners are concerned not regarding these as fellow-men.
(1956: 146)

Wat volgens George Sand waar is voor Majorca geldt volgens mij ook voor de rest van het Europees vasteland.
Haar beschrijving is voor mij heel scherp en verhelderend...

Monday, October 24, 2005

O H 2

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Or Hamakif

Friday, October 21, 2005

Eindeloze tocht...

We move on....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Met z'n zeven. Lodz +/- 1900

Edward Loevy 1888

Zecher l'jetsiath mitzraym.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Snijd van de struik de seringen
stel de bloemen in een aarden vaas

Zoals de aarden vaas draagt
glad juweel van geworden kennis
van zijn kleien oorsprong de herinnering
sluit gij met het laatste doen van uw handen uw verlangen
in de vereniging van de bloem met de aarden vaas

Sunday, October 09, 2005