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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Leo Marks (15th January 2001)

The life that I have.

The life that I have is all that I have
And the life that I have is yours
The love that I have of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.
A sleep I shall have, a rest I shall have
And death will be but a pause
For the years I shall have in the long green grass
Are yours and yours and yours.

In memory:

Ruth Hambro
Violette Szabo

R Kipling

The Stranger

The Stranger within my gate,
He may be true or kind,
But he does not talk my talk --
I cannot feel his mind.
I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
But not the soul behind.

The men of my own stock
They may do ill or well,
But they tell the lies I am wonted to.
They are used to the lies I tell,
And we do not need interpreters
When we go to buy and sell.

The Stranger within my gates,
He may be evil or good,
But I cannot tell what powers control
What reasons sway his mood;
Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
Shall repossess his blood.

The men of my own stock,
Bitter bad they may be,
But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
And see the things I see;
And whatever I think of them and their likes
They think of the likes of me.

This was my father's belief
And this is also mine:
Let the corn be all one sheaf --
And the grapes be all one vine,
Ere our children's teeth are set on edge
By bitter bread and wine.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Einde. Fini.

Ik ken dat kleine meiske,
uit dat kort gedicht:

The short poem written by a little victim:

There once was little Eluznia,
She's dying all alone now
For her daddy's in Majdanek,
Her mummy is in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Eva Hoffman writes in her new book(= "After Such Knowledge" published by Vintage-Random House-London) that this is
"the most piercing single verse I have ever heard, after all I have read, learned and absorbed about the Shoah."

Dank je Europa, je bent altijd bedankt:

Lever nu verder het nodige know-how aan Iran voor hun kernbommentjes...
Praat met begrip over de palestijnse zelfmoordmoordenaars...
Stuur hun pakken van je belastingsgelden...

Europa, Europa, nu ben je er zelf mee besmet!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Trieste prediktie

"We [Israel] are the canary in the coal mine. We are dying now. We are slaughtered on a daily basis. But you're next buddies, because I understand that you have a lot of Muslim minorities and that's OK. Everybody should live wherever he wants. But, you are appeasing terrorism! And you hope that if you tolerate it, and try to understand its motives, and you give it reasons, whatever they are… Do not tolerate murder…, not for oil, and not because you are scared. Because, the more fear you show, the faster it's going to be on your doorstep - and then, G-d help you, because you gave it legitimacy."


Een citaat van Martin Niemöller:

In Duitsland kwamen ze eerst de communisten halen. Ik nam het niet voor hen op omdat ik geen communist was. Toen kwamen ze de joden halen maar ik nam het niet voor hen op omdat ik geen jood was. Toen kwamen ze de vakbondsleden halen maar ik nam het ook niet voor hen op omdat ik geen vakbondslid was. Toen kwamen ze de katholieken halen maar ik nam het niet voor hen op omdat ik protestant was. Tegen de tijd dat ze mij kwamen halen, bleef er niemand over het voor mij op te nemen.

Nou ja, bussen ontploffen alleen ver weg in 't Heilig Land...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Kleine ventjes, grote percentjes.

Altijd mijn uitverkorene, uit de Suske en Wiske. De handelsreiziger, de salesman in stofzuigers. Stuur je hem de laan uit, de deur uit, komt hij met een smoes door de venster weer binnen. Had zo'n wagentje, een BMW driewieler met een vanvooropenende deur. Mooi pak, dito hoed. In Anwerpen zeggen ze een mooie "tits". Speelde een voorname rol in Texasrakkers...

historisch voetnoot:
De uit Keulen afkomstige jood Leonhard Tietz bouwde rond de eeuwwisseling in Antwerpen een grootwarenhuisketen uit. In 1902 vestigde hij zich op de Melkmarkt en in 1906 verhuisde hij naar de verbrede Meir(de huidige Innovation). Hij verkocht vrijwel alles: kantwerk, tapijten, handeschoenen, speelgoed, parfum, lingerie, paraplu's, sportartikelen enz. Het bekendst blijven allicht nog zijn belle epoque-strohoeden, die ook nu nog in het Antwerpse gemeenzaam "nen Tits" worden genoemd.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Als ratten in de val.

No Jews allowed!
By Y. Laing July 4, 2005

It used to be that entire regions, even nations were off limit to Jews. "No Jews allowed' was the rule. Discrimination both official and unofficial was common. Times have certainly changed. Jews today can live in London, Paris and New York. They can live in Zimbabwe, Greenland and Peru. They can even live anywhere in Arab countries such as Morocco and Egypt. They can live anywhere in any gentile nation on earth. How then can they be denied the right to live in their own land? And by Jews! What nation on earth willingly discriminates against itself?

After the Rabin government handed 20,000 automatic weapons to Israel's worst enemies, under the Oslo accords, I thought I had seen it all. I was wrong. Now that the Sharon government is preparing to carry out a racist transfer of 10,000 Jews, and forbid all Jews from living in Gaza and Northern Samaria, I suppose there is no limit to how twisted things can get. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the latest self-inflicted punishment, but I am.

Even for those who reject God's promise of the Land of Israel to the Jewish people in the Bible, and those who prefer to ignore the thousands of years of Jewish ownership of the Land, how can ethnic cleansing anywhere be justified? What would be the reaction if the mayor of New York City said that Jews were no longer allowed to live in Manhattan? What if Tony Blair said all Jews must leave England? How can the unthinkable in non-Jewish countries have become legitimate in the Land of Israel?

In its decision against former Serb leader Slobodan Milosovitch, the International Court in the Hague ruled that "the forceful expulsion of civilians from a specific ethnic group from their land and homes and the handing over of the land to a different ethnic group... is a crime against humanity and those who carry it out are criminals." How is it that a crime against humanity is okay when the victims are Jewish?

Italy expelled its Jews in 855. England expelled them 1290, France in 1306, Spain in 1492, the Ukraine in 1649, Germany expelled (permanently) most of the Jews from Europe in the 1940s. Now the State of Israel is about to expel the Jews of Gaza and Northern Samaria. How can we commit the same crime against ourselves as that perpetrated against us by our worst enemies throughout the ages? If the ethnic cleansing of Gaza's Jews goes through it will be a stain on the Jewish people forever.

Worse, how is it that the Jewish State can expel Jews when it could not even bring itself to expel Arabs? A decade ago Yitzhak Rabin, at his wits' end from Arab terror, expelled 400 Hamas terrorists to Lebanon only to let them back in shortly thereafter. Arabs today can live anywhere they want in the Land of Israel -- on both sides of the green line. They can live in Haifa and they can live in Ramallah, Jerusalem and Jenin. Not Jews. There are racial quotas for how many Jews can live in Hebron. No Jews at all are allowed to live in Shechem, Bet Lehem, and many other towns which represent the cradle of Jewish civilization.

The Supreme Court has forced Jewish communities across Israel to allow Arabs to buy homes wherever they want. No way you can prevent someone from living somewhere in Israel just because he is an Arab, even if they are hostile to the State. But the same Supreme Court is silent when racial discrimination is perpetrated against Israel's Jewish citizens.

Last night I went to a supermarket in Jewish Western Jerusalem. Muslim men and women wearing full Muslim garb strolled about and did their shopping without anyone paying attention to them let alone bothering them. If a Jew were to try and shop in an Arab store in nearby Bethlehem he would be signing his own death warrant.

It's especially hard to believe that left-wing Jews who fought so hard for the civil rights of others are willing to violate the rights of their own brothers and sisters. Jews were willing to go to jail for the rights of blacks to ride buses, go to white schools and segregated universities. How can these same people willingly support kicking others out of their homes and expelling them from their towns only because they are Jewish?

I find it especially hard to believe those who try to justify this crime with claims that it will improve security. Even if this nonsense were true, the ends don't justify the means. But after 10 years of unimaginable terror resulting from the Oslo fiasco, how can we once again fall for more promises of a utopian peace if only we will surrender more land? How can we continue in the path which has already failed? How can we continue to make the same mistake over and over again?

I have searched and searched for an answer. What is it that makes Israel the only country on earth to willingly surrender its territory and expel its own citizens? Maybe there is an explanation. After 2,000 years of exile and being treated like second class citizens perhaps it's only natural that we should have internalized these feelings. As Hayim Bialik once noted, "It is easier to take the Jew out of the exile than the exile out of the Jew." After so many years living as an oppressed people, we have come to believe that we do not deserve basic human rights. Physically, we have been redeemed but mentally we remain crippled.

But even this, I say, must one day end. How long will we go on punishing ourselves? When will we stop this self-hate? One thing is certain ?- until we begin respecting ourselves there is no way in heaven that our enemies will respect us.